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2020 sure took a turn, didn't it?  We hope you are all keeping well. It turns out that #pandemicproductivity is a real thing, and we want to let you know what we've been building! Take advantage of these enhancements to get more from your CX program this year. 

Customer Feedback Collection 


Monitor multiple touchpoints in your end-user customer journey with one code snippet

To survey the same customers across journey touchpoints, use a Sampling Group to link multiple Wootric accounts and deploy any of your Wootric in-app or mobile surveys to the group. (You no longer need to configure different code snippets in your app).  Add a new survey to a group at any time -- Wootric manages for end user experience so that no customer will be over-surveyed.

For example, you may want to show a CES survey after onboarding, a PSAT survey after new feature use, and an ongoing NPS survey to measure overall customer loyalty every 90 days.  

Free employee pulse surveys & analytics

Developed in response to the coronavirus crisis, this program enables companies to modify CSAT and CES surveys to gather, analyze, and respond to employee feedback for free. Slack and email notifications included. Details here.

Triggering (and blocking) surveys based on page URL 

Configure surveys to trigger based on a location in your product or website, right in Wootric settings. You can also create a global block list that defines pages where an in-app survey should not be shown. All code-free.

Email alerts and routing

Email alerts function much like our Slack integration and are easy to set up. Go to Settings > Integrations > Send Wootric data and select Email. For example, you can route promoter feedback to marketing, detractors to support or success.



Wootric is a Notable Vendor in Gartnerโ€™s Market Guide for Voice of Customer Applications.
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Wootric CXInsightโ„ข, our proprietary customer feedback analytics platform, is your central hub for voice of customer data from any source

Tag scoping: Limit how tags are applied to feedback

You may have tags that are only relevant to one metric, source, project or parent tag. Now you can designate certain tags to apply only to Support feedback, for example.  Learn more about tag scoping.

Easily share dashboards across your organization

Anyone with a share link can view an analytics dashboard -- no Wootric account required. Easily set a link expiration date.

CXI Dashboard Share Link


G2 Crowd and TrustPilot review analysis 

Understand what your reviewers are saying at scale. 



Build empathy. Display verbatim feedback in score reports

Bring emotion to your reports. Display recent NPS, CSAT or CES comments in dashboards. Learn more.

Exec-Dashboard with verbatim feedback



With code-free trigger mapping right in Wootric, you can trigger surveys based on Salesforce objects. Now trigger mapping now allows customization of Email Subject and Email Intro by user language.

The Wootric-Segment integration enables code-free, hyper-targeted survey sampling based on events and pages in Segment. Wootric is now a Segment Source too -- send customer feedback to other applications via Segment for analysis, marketing action, and triggering follow-up.


Now you can you pass agent name and conversation id properties to Wootric when you send a survey at conversation closure in Intercom. This makes it easy to filter scores by agent or to look up the original conversation in Intercom. Learn more.


With the new Wootric-Freshdesk integration, you can send a fully customized Wootric survey upon ticket closure or any other event in Freshdesk. 



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