WEBINAR: Using CX Surveys at Touchpoints to Improve Customer Experience

Critics of the Net Promoter Score often say that it isn’t enough to capture the useful feedback throughout the customer life cycle, and they’re right. That’s why other customer experience surveys like Customer Effort Score and Customer Satisfaction exist.

To get actionable insight, you need to ask the right question at the right time. 

In this recorded webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to match the right CX surveys to the appropriate customer journey touchpoints.
  • How to mine valuable insight from large quantities of customer feedback.
  • How to build follow-up processes that are convenient and personal.
  • How MindTouch implemented surveys at each journey point to prioritize projects and improve their customer experience.

Reap the benefits of having both a holistic view of customer sentiment as well as the capability to dig into each journey point.

This recorded webinar is 45 minutes (30 min content, plus 15 min Q&A).


Focusing on Critical Touch Points

We've outlined three critical touch points for customer success that we call the Trifecta view: onboarding completion, support interactions, and renewal. To make it easy to digest, we've explained each in this infographic.