In the second of our webinar series about scaling a CX Program, Lisa Abbott, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Wootric, talks to Nathan Lippi, Product Manager - Customer Insight and Growth at PandaDoc.

In this webinar, Nathan explains how PandaDoc's overseas product team used NPS, and now CSAT, to bring focus to CX. It is a crawl, walk, run approach that any product team can learn from and adopt. Learn: 

- How CX feedback can be used to prioritize product roadmap
- A simple way to ensure engineers engage with customers. 
- How to leverage CX metrics to tackle the “big hairy” challenges, not just quick wins. 
- How to engage other teams like Success and Sales in a CX initiative using feedback collected by the product team.

Offering both strategic and practical insights, this webinar is for professionals who are establishing a CX program or are looking to scale an existing approach. 

30 minute webinar plus 15 minutes Q&A